Modernism: in print

University of Amsterdam, Special Collections

– 1 October 2017

The first retrospective exhibition about Modernism in Dutch graphic design is on display at the University of Amsterdam’s Special Collections until 1 October 2017. At the heart of the exhibition is the question as to what influence the De Stijl group of artists and the international Avantgarde had on modern graphic design in the Netherlands. 

 Not only are print products on show but also sketch materials and archived objects from the period that demonstrate the extent to which Modernism has had a visual impact on everyday life over a long period. Corporate styles and posters, stamps and photography books demonstrate the range of visual communications. The works are by designers such as Piet Zwart, Dick Elffers, Jurriaan Schrofer, Wim Crouwel and Experimental Jetset. The exhibition is curated by Mathieu Lommen and the Put Gootink studio has created its design. The Special Collections accommodate over a thousand collections comprising literature, manuscripts, prints, photographs and many other contemporary witnesses from many different cultures and epochs.

It is one of the largest archive libraries in Europe and has given itself the objective of always making a part of the collections accessible to the general public through exhibitions.

As a supplement to “Modernism: in print”, an exhibition is running in parallel entitled “Hansje van Halem: in patterns“ held in the ErfgoedLab in Amsterdam.


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