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Fernando Romero’s “Border City” and Carla Fernández’ Vestido Cobra are two projects from Mexico’s design scene that set the stage for the fourth exhibition in the series “Design Display” in the Autostadt [car city] Wolfsburg. While both projects appear to represent a content-related dialogue, they also provide an impetus for a critical engagement with the subjects of territorial borders, visionary town planning, and forward-looking fashion trends. Both the architect Fernando Romero and the fashion designer Carla Fernández and their projects feature in the fourth issue of the On Display magazine. Order now your free copy of the new issue in the form shop.

Romero’s, as yet unrealised, “Border City” project is based on social and economic realities and has been conceived as a binational city straddling the two conflict-afflicted countries of Mexico and the USA. The first half of On Display 04 focuses on this visionary concept as well as other works by Romero. The issue also looks at other historical examples of ideal cities to provide a point of reference and insights into the border area between Mexico and the USA from a cultural studies and architecturally critical perspective.

Carla Fernández’ Vestido Cobra is a unisex dress inspired by tradition, which she places in a new social context thanks to her multidisciplinary approach to work. Her fashion designs reflect a deliberate fusion between Mexico’s cultural heritage, in techniques and style, and a sociopolitical critique of current issues such as the division of roles in society. The second half of the magazine focuses on the designer and the influence of traditional craftsmanship on contemporary design.


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