Design Museum Gent

– 1 October 2017

The textile design course at the KASK School of Arts in Gent is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year – what better reason to dedicate an exhibition and a publication to the discipline?

The main aim of the “Plain/Purl” exhibition is to classify textile design in relation to the areas of design, fashion, art, and architecture where over time the boundaries have become blurred. To mark the occasion, international textile artists and students at the school are invited to present their work. The setting makes it possible to touch and feel the exhibits, and at the same time, puts them in surprising relationships with one another. Quite different applications of textiles can be admired ranging from items of furniture to installations to experimental fabrics.


Accompanying the exhibition is a publication in which a series of articles gets to grips with textile design as a course of study and the possibilities of its future implementation and interplay with other design disciplines.


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