Living in Smallest Space

Ludwigsburg Museum

Submission deadline: 15 September 2017


To mark the 300th anniversary of the town, the Ludwigsburg Museum is organising a competition for architects, artists and designers to tackle the question of how living spaces will have to be designed in the future to ensure our physical comfort in urban environments.

The way this will be tackled is through a temporary micro house that will be set up in central Ludwigsburg. The project intends to encourage encounters in the town to illustrate that new types of housing go hand in hand with new solutions for tackling the problems of increasingly dense and unaffordable urban living spaces. Contemporary alternatives to single-family homes are sought, which look at both the role public space should play in a town and how neighbourly interaction can be promoted in towns. Designs should be characterised by a modular, flexible and space-saving building method. The award ceremony will take place on 24 November as part of the exhibition “Hin und weg. Wohn- und Lebensräume Ludwigsburg” at the Raumwelten event.

Submissions will be accepted until 15 September.


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