Red – A Film Installation in a Room

Deutsches Filmmuseum, Frankfurt am Main

– 13 August 2017

What do strong emotions such as love, rage and hate have in common? We associate them with the traffic light colour Red – a colour also used in film for aesthetic and narrative reasons. The German Film Museum in Frankfurt, the Deutsche Filmmuseum, is currently presenting “Red” a film installation of light, sound and film compilations projected onto a total of eleven large-area screens.

Using a variety of staging points, visitors can experience the versatile application and use of the different effects of the colour red in moving pictures, while simultaneously creating a space for their own associations and interpretations.  The stage “Character Red” focuses on the characterisation of film protagonists through the use of colour in costumes, masks and physique. “Object Red” presents red props whose colouring emphasizes the importance of film plots and in the so-called “Red Room” visitors are engulfed by the colour red. Lastly, three projections give insights into the works of directors Alfred Hitchcock, Pedro Almodóvar and Nicolas Winding Refn who all use the colour red in quite different ways in their films. In addition to the exhibition, the Städelmuseum Frankfurt is offering thematic tours on Friday 12 May and Thursday 20 July 2017.


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