Sew Long!
Fashion in Slovakia 1945–1989.

Slovak National Gallery, Bratislava

– 20 August 2017

The exhibition “Sew Long! Fashion in Slovakia 1945–1989” charts the fashion industry in Slovakia and explores its development under a totalitarian regime.

The Slovak National Gallery in Bratislava presents both the individualised, customised fashion of local clothing production as well as items from the ready-to-wear industry – a large segment. Designer collections from the early 1980s are on view and fashion photographs by Slovak artists supplement the exhibition. Visitors are guided through reconstructed shops and fashion fairs, allowing them to relive a forgotten world of fashion. An accompanying publication called “Lost Fashion: Clothing Culture in Slovakia 1945 – the 1989th“ is also available. Information on opening times as well as other exhibitions in the Slovak National Gallery can be seen online.


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