Textile Matters.
Textil gedacht

Maximilians Forum, Munich

­– 30 April 2017


As part of this year’s Munich Creative Business Week, the “Textile Matters. Textil gedacht” exhibition held  the city’s Maximilians Forum until 30 April 2017 is dedicated to all aspects of textiles; material, texture, technology, medium and metaphor in equal measure.


The exhibition looks at the significance and use of textiles in today’s understanding of art and design. Comparisons will be made between the basic principles of textiles – such as repetition, friction and patterns – as a basis for industrial production and the development of today’s modern society. The connection between artistic, technological and craft aspects will then provide the opportunity to view and discuss the topic as a whole. In addition to an examination of the theme based on an essay, and with contributions from Walter Van Beirendonck, Christian Haas, Bart Hess, Chris Kabel, Lightweight, Anette Rose, Julia Schewalie and The Unseen, the exhibition will display artistic and creative projects from practice, accompanied by a supporting programme with various events and talks.


On 10 March 2016, there will be a discussion with the Munich-based fashion and social designer, Miro Craemer, on the theme of social responsibility and the fashion industry, in which he will talk about his current project “Cord of Desires”.


On 5 April 2017, the Berlin-based artist, Anette Rose, will speak about her work “Captured Motion” in a talk entitled, “How to Capture Textile Processes”. 


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