Kunstmuseum Bonn

– 2 April 2017

Under the heading “Perform!”, the 16 edition of the Videonale focuses on central, formal and content-based approaches of video art production. The 43 video presentations by international artists are the result of a worldwide competition.

With “Perform!” this festival for video and time-based art forms takes a look at the beginnings of video technology as a documentation tool and as a technical medium of artistic performance. Further, reference is also made to the present, where the viewer becomes performer. Digital life and self-presentation on the Internet mean we leave behind traces that turn the real lives of Internet users into a permanent performance.


A varied festival programme of talks by artists, performances, discussions, guided tours, workshops and communications programmes is also included. In addition to the exhibition, the Videonale.Parcours will be held until 12 March 2017, showing artistic works by students from different universities at various locations in the northern part of Bonn.  Detailed information about other events as well as opening hours are available online.



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Designing Protest

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