Vienna Biennale 2017


21 June – 1 October 2017

The second Vienna Biennale begins on 21 June 2017. Taking the slogan “Robots. Work. Our Future”, the four-month programme will focus on the effects of progressive digitalisation on our working lives and our society in general in a series of exhibitions, symposia, workshops and performances. 

With a wide range of thematic specialisations and varied contributions from the fields of art, design and architecture, the Biennale is aimed at both a professional audience and the general public.  

The  “Stadtfabrik” [city factory] project encourages people to actively participate in designing the development of the city and invites participants of numerous workshops and city tours to discuss future city designs in the public urban sphere.

The role of people’s occupations will be examined from a humanist perspective in the exhibition “How Will We Work?” and consider which aesthetic and humane values should be maintained in a digital revolution by designers. The conception and curatorial work of the exhibition has been managed by Anab Jain and Gerald Bast with the aim of examining the significance of the shifts involved with expansion in the field of robotics. 


The “Hello Robot. Design between Human and Machine” exhibition evolved in conjunction with MAK’s work with the Vitra Design Museum and the Design Museum Ghent, at which over 200 exhibits from design, art and architecture invite visitors to directly encounter the ever-more present species of robots. A review of the exhibition is published in form 271.


Nº 273
Designing Protest

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